John Breuer Home Modernization, Inc. brings over 39 years of residential water damage remediation and restoration expertise to every stucco project we do. We are a restoration remodeling company who knows how to provide solutions to all stucco failure issues. We specialize in all aspects of stucco remediation, repair, removal, and installation of new stucco as per current codes. However, we mostly accommodate homeowners who do not want stucco on their home by offering a variety of different types and styles of siding.

Why choose us?

  • We install James Hardi fiber cement, premium vinyl siding, stone veneers, and other modern day composite materials
  • We offer many options for the remediation to fit varied budgets
  • We provide the highest quality material from leading industry manufacturers
  • We employ certified trained teams of installers
  • Most importantly… we have a master carpenter on site with knowledge in fixing damage to your wall sheathing, framing, windows, and interiors that we may uncover.

Our technicians are experienced in the process, from removal, carpentry repairs, and new cladding installations; this allows us to move efficiently from start to finish while always making sure your house if kept “water tight” at the end of every day. Most projects take weeks, not months.

Homeowners with stucco: Where do you start?

  1. Self-inspection– if you think there may be water damage behind your home’s stucco walls, first look at your house yourself. One of the most common signs of stucco failure is black streaking in vulnerable areas of the home, such as window corners and chimneys. Also consult with your neighbors, especially those who have homes that were built around the same time period and/or by the same builder as you. See if they have anything they are concerned with.
  2. Invasive stucco inspection – A professional stucco inspector can offer invasive testing to tell you whether or not your stucco needs professional help through moisture readings and substrate core samples.
  3. Request a consultation from a stucco remediation company – When a stucco inspection has confirmed your fears of moisture damage behind your walls, it’s important to remediate and correct the problem in a timely manner to minimize further damage to the structure of your home. Find a stucco remediation company you can trust to do the job right.

Please let us know if we can provide you with an assessment of your project and a free estimate for solutions.

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