Renovations & Additions

renovationsYes, you too can have that dream house you always wanted. Why move and settle for less than what you really want or need when you can enjoy the experience of designing your current home to meet the exact needs of your family and life style?

Additions and renovations have fast become one of the largest markets for JBHM. It is easy to understand why, when you see some of the examples of the many completed projects and their happy homeowners. Creating your own dream house with the help of John Breuer Home Modernization can save you the hassle of moving and all the costs associated with a new home purchase. John Breuer Home Modernization will be there with you every step of the way from the Architect to the final coat of paint. Contact us today to take your dream house from dream to reality.

Ideas for Adding On:
Additions ▪ Basement Renovations ▪ Garages ▪ Sun Rooms ▪ Bathrooms ▪ Great Rooms ▪ Kitchens ▪ Porches ▪ Decks